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We know that parents sometimes wish that their child could stay young forever. But as you already know, they are growing up, quicker than you were hoping for.  And now it’s time for them to head off to preschool.  We know you want your child to grow up happy, healthy and strong. And you want your child to have a great education. That’s why it’s important to begin schooling your youngster at an early age. Creative Beginnings Preschool is the ideal place for your child to get his or her start. We are one of the premier preschools in Verona, NJ.

Preschool Is Not Just Fun, It’s Beneficial

In the past, enrolling your child in preschool was mainly  for socializing. It wasn’t necessarily educational, and it wasn’t very difficult either. But things have changed in a big way, and preschool is now an exciting, challenging and highly educational start for your child. Here’s a quick look at some of the main reasons why:

  • It’s the ideal preparation for Kindergarten and beyond.
  • When compared to basic child care, preschool is hands down the better option because it focuses on your child’s early education.
  • Preschool is very important because not only will your child be exposed to academics such as shapes, letters and numbers in a classroom setting, they will also learn how to socialize.  They learn how to contribute to the group, play with and get along with other children and learn how to share.  Creative Beginnings helps children develop a sense of security, confidence and independence.
  • When children attend a high quality preschool, they enter Kindergarten more prepared than those that do not.  They have richer vocabularies, stronger early math, science and pre-reading skills.
  • Your child will learn how to strengthen his or her social skills, how to respect others and how to compromise.  They will develop problem solving abilities and  make friends all in our relaxing, safe, nurturing environment.
  • Your child will also begin learning. But it’s not your typical sit down classroom experience. They will learn through various mediums and activities that children find interesting, such as story time, show and tell, art and music.

There are many benefits to enrolling children in preschool. It’s much more than just meeting required educational obligations. The better the experience your youngster has at this early age, the more successful  he or she will be when entering into Kindergarten and beyond. Please call Creative Beginnings Preschool at 973-239-2242 to begin the enrollment process today. Or you can contact us through the form on our website.

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